17 Settembre 2017
Ricorrenza di Fondazione AVIS
Giornale di Brescia
18 Marzo 2016
L'opera d Ilario Mutti a Motta di Livenza
Archivio - Aprile 2015
Ilario Mutti "Espansione e Domani"

Giovanni Magnani review


Disquieting and catchy shapes...

“... Mutti is an artist who questions himself. He's aware that space can't be owned, rather, it's like everyone's father and child. And his culture is raised inside space, such as the firm purity of women and the powerful neck of horses...”

This is one of the many perceptive observations expressed by Tonino Zana on the pages of a brief monograph written about ten years ago, on the work of the sculptor based in Brescia.

From then on the favourite subjects of the Artist remained the same, and the space in which they live as well.

However, day-to-day work, quest, self-investigation, life's experiences, the fact to be an active man who understands the state of being contemporary and, above all, emotion and passion which move his activity, are the ground for the genuine, defined and pronounced characteristics of his creations all the more disclosing personality and singularity of the artist.

In our opinion, today rather than previously Mutti is really less bounded together with the realistic given.

His works, which are moulded with semi-fire-proof baked clay or made with melted bronze, are clear expressions in the form of an absolute and free creativity.

We can say that human and animal subjects at the present are a pretext to let his idea, his verb, his being and his belief move within the space, thanks to a vibrating way of moulding that mostly makes use of play between light and glosses and between dynamism of posing and enactment of fantastic and surreal contributes.

Even so, under these surfaces and inside the unsettling yet engaging shapes, there's something like that point of issue which is inherent with the human being and nowadays' way of living but also with the artist who courageously gives expression and denounces.

We'd like to close this brief comment to the work of the sculptor Ilario Mutti using again an observation made by Tonino Zana for a recent exhibition of the creations of the artist.

He writes:

“... The work of Mutti, in its completeness, recalls clearings full of colour and future, shapes ruled by long efforts. Indeed nothing is created in absence of crying, or joy...”

Ilario Mutti lives and works in Rezzato (Bs). Some of his sculptures appear in public and private collections and in many squares. Besides authoritative critics dealt with his work. There's a numerous count of collective and personal exhibitions starting from at the time that Domenico Lusetti (1908 – 1971), an esteemed master and sculptor based in Brescia, encouraged the young Mutti to persist on artistic ways.

Giovanni Magnani