17 Settembre 2017
Ricorrenza di Fondazione AVIS
Giornale di Brescia
18 Marzo 2016
L'opera d Ilario Mutti a Motta di Livenza
Archivio - Aprile 2015
Ilario Mutti "Espansione e Domani"

Review by Enrico Danesi, Mayor of Rezzato (Brescia, Italy)


I’ve been knowing the art of Ilario Mutti for a few years and I am always astonished, admiring his works, by his truly personal idea of motion. This is the first thing that impresses me, something that makes impossible for me to move my look away because it lives inside the subjects of each work and seems to be a sort of never-ending motion while I am looking – as a spectator – for a conclusion or a definition I can’t find. A kind of chase where I am persuaded to search until I can free myself from the labyrinth of a work to move to a new one and carry on the game (with new outbursts and new labyrinths of sense and materials).

The selection of works he chooses for the exhibition concerned his 40 years of career, played with enthusiasm, experimenting shapes and materials – probably with a non-definitive ending in bronze – where the combination of “women and horses” continually recurs and it’s the reason why Mutti compels me to face this idea of motion that reveals itself especially in contortion of figures, in their eternal fight to find a shape, in the balance emerging in non-harmonic works, in a posture seeming undetermined but yet perfect at the same time.

There aren’t only women and horses, to say the truth, or maybe this – of horses and women – is only a personal transfer I have, with reference to titles and ideas disseminated in the past by Mutti; if there is another characteristic emerging from the sculptures of this unique artist, it’s the synthesis of multiple elements in a combination that enhances the totality without loosing the peculiarity of each single work. This is why, if at the beginning there are many parts, in the end we are lured and fascinated by an ensemble.

Which outcomes can we have for this continual quest of motion and synthesis? Works of impetuous sensuality, totally personal, that are clearly showing an accurate research but also the love of the artist for the material he moulds and relates to without filters or defences, and of which he imparts strength and torment, passion and enchantment, heart and soul, and that flame that earlier forges the works and then nourishes them.

Enrico Danesi
Mayor of Rezzato